In an effort to help save time, please read thru our list of most frequently asked questions below.

What is the difference between a brand and generic medication?

NONE. All medications are subject to the same FDA quality standards and regulations. Therefore brand name and generic companies manufacture to the same specifications of quality and purity.

Why is there a cost difference between brand and generic medications?
FDA regulations require an extensive amount of testing of a new product to prove safety and efficacy. This can take years and cost upwards of $400 million. The developing company (Brand company) is given a patent on the new medication, which starts at the beginning of the research and development (long before the medication is ready for sale to the public.) The patent is long enough (about 12 years) for the originating company to recuperate their research and development costs and make a profit. When a patent expires on a medication, a generic company can produce the same product by the same process (proven by the FDA) without doing the initial research and development that has already been done by the original company. The cost to the generic company is much less, about $50 million; therefore they can provide the exact same product for a much lower price.
What do I do if I miss a dose of my medication?

If you miss a dose of medication take it as soon as possible WITHOUT doubling up on doses. If you are close to your next dosage time, skip the missed dosage and continue on with your regular schedule.

What if I miss a dose of my birth control pills?
If you miss one day, take two tablets the next day only then return to your normal schedule. If you miss two days, take two tablets for the next two days only then return to your normal schedule. IF ANY DOSAGES OF BIRTH CONTROL PILLS ARE MISSED, YOU MUST USE ADDITIONAL PROTECTION UNTIL THE BEGINNING OF YOUR NEXT CYCLE.


Do I take my medication with or without food?

Each medication is different with regards to food and meals. Food may either increase or decrease the amount of medication that is absorbed into the body. If you have any questions about a specific medication, please call our pharmacist.

Can Over-The-Counter (OTC) medications/supplements affect my prescription?

Yes. Many OTC products can interact with your prescriptions. Blood pressure, depression, diabetes, and seizure medications can especially be affected. Do not take any OTC medications or supplements without first talking with your pharmacist or doctor.

Can I stop taking my medication if I feel better?

NO, unless specifically directed by your doctor. Antibiotics especially need to have a full course of treatment. Stopping early will lead to a more resistant infection that will require more expensive and more potent antibiotics. Also, The medication is what is helping you feel better. Blood pressure, diabetes and other medical problems need to be continually managed to keep the disease under control. Take medications only as the doctor directs.

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